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Turbo Dry Carpets offer a superbly effective cleaning method for homes and businesses, with record-breaking ZERO drying times. Why not book a free demo of our carpet and upholstery cleaning and see the difference a we can make to your worst area?

Residential enquirey – just give us a quick call, a couple of questions and if you are happy to go ahead…let’s clean up! House gets instant face lift.


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Our Residential Services

Our carpets take a serious amount of punishment. It can often be so easy to ignore the build-up of grime, staining and ingrained dirt. After all, it happens gradually, right?

However, there comes a point when you have to take a step back and accept that something needs to be done. But isn’t carpet cleaning such an inconvenience? The long drying times, the chance that your carpet might actually shrink afterwards?  The expense of it all?

Think again, with Turbo Dry Carpets’ superbly effective method, drying times will be at a record-breaking ZERO. 

The cost? Talk to us – we promise we won’t fall out with you over the money!

Domestic Services

Our Commercial Services

Keeping your premises in pristine condition is fairly important if you want to run a successful business. Your clients and partners don’t want to be confronted with grubby surroundings or be assailed by unpleasant smells whenever they pay you a visit.

If you care about reviews and referrals cleanliness is usually one of the top things people will mention. It’s of particular importance in a food environment, healthcare, dentistry and children’s nursery’s.  Best not leave it up for debate, these days…..news travels fast!

Commercial Services

“We have never been disappointed or let down by Turbo Dry Carpets fast, efficient and super performance. We use them every time without fail”

Yetholme HomesStudent Rentals, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

“Our showroom has to be of the highest standard to welcome and meet with our clients. Turbo Dry Carpets maintains those high standards”

Stephen Lovely (Chairman, Beyond Digital)Boldon Business Park, Tyne & Wear

“Don't ask why we put white carpets into a holiday let which sleeps 12, crazy, but we did. From wine to mud, Turbo Dry Carpets has been our solution without fail everytime.”

Mrs. ThompsonWilliow Garth Cottage, Northallerton

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With Turbo Dry Carpets  as a premier service in North Yorkshire & the North East, you can look forward to carpets that are cleaner than ever before, stain free  where possible, smelling fresh, carpet pile revitalised,  with absolutely no mess left behind. You will want to shout about the amazing results we can achieve in such a short space of time.