Residential Services

Using our method of carpet cleaning protects and lengthens the life of a carpet. The pile is easier to vaccuum and revived. Up to 99% of Bacteria & Germs in all Carpets & Upholstery is removed and to sanitised and deodourised. Carpets Dry Cleaned ready for immediate use.

No soggy carpets or unpleasant odours , safe for all members of the family including Fido. Removes spills & spots, removes smells & sanitise, deep cleans and lifts carpet pile. No need to remove furniture, or leave heating on with windows open until dry.

The Service

  • Dry cleaning of Carpets
  • Carpet maintenance programs also available.
  • Dry cleaning of Upholstery
  • Dry cleaning Leather
  • Dry cleaning ofTiles & Grout Wooden Floors

The Benefits

  • Immediately dry and ready to be walked upon
  • Non-toxic and totally safe for children and pets
  • Effortlessly removes seemingly immovable stains
  • Helps to extend your carpet’s lifespan
  • An organic, allergen-free, greener environment